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MD601 Complete Kit

NFT diagram

MD601 Complete Kit


Product Description

Multi-Ducts are high-yielding complete hydroponic growing systems which enable growers to manage a large number of plants from one low-lying integrated reservoir – dramatically up-scaling the number of plants and yield, without increasing workload.

Each Multi-Duct has long planting channels above its low-lying reservoir. Plants are placed in rockwool blocks onto the channels and the roots grow along the channels where they have unrestricted access to oxygen.

  • ‘Bare rooted’ technique means unrestricted access to oxygen.
  • Greater uptake of water and nutrients.
  • Never under or over-fed and no nutrient build up.
  • Proven results – achieve up to 4x greater yield than conventional growing methods.
  • Healthier plants – your plants are never under-fed or over-watered and there is no build up of salts in the root zone.
  • Get more out of a small space – the MD601 dimensions are as follows L 199cm x W 117cm x H 38cm. Suitable for 15-25 plants  
  • Reduce manual watering frequency – use a Nutriculture Auto Top-Up system to connect your NFT system to a reserve tank, so you can leave your plants for longer.
  • Very little medium used – less chance of disease, less waste material for you to dispose of.