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Gekko 200mm (8") Acoustic Box Fan 1500m3/h

Gekko 200mm (8") Acoustic Box Fan 1000m3/h

Gekko 200mm (8") Acoustic Box Fan 1500m3/h


Product Description

The Gekko was designed and built around our market research, we listened to retailers and built a hydroponic box fan that they could be proud to sell, for us. It’s All About The Box. The highlights of the Gekko are Moisture resistant MDF panels to increase your box life. Hanging spacesaver option available to increase your grow potential. Maximum noise reduction. Torin Sifan Fan. Roll top flange spigot to make connecting any ducting easier. Lightweight so you don’t break your back. U.K. Manufactured, quality in a box. PU and Screw assembled, let’s keep it together. Lead clamp. Range of sizes and air flow.